When crashing into another vehicle, you may wonder if the accident was entirely your fault. In some cases, you suspect that the right of way was yours and not the wrongdoer’s, despite their protests. Retaining an experienced trial attorney who can evaluate the accident for fault is an indispensable resource in these instances of doubt.

A St. Louis failure to yield accident lawyer can assess your claim and investigate the accident you were involved in.

How St. Louis Law Defines Failure to Yield

The laws in St. Louis regarding a failure to yield does not differ from most other states. In general, failure to yield is not slowing down or stopping your car, motorbike, bus or any other road vehicle when another vehicle has the right of way.

The Right of Way Explained

“Right of way” is a legal term that means a driver has the right to move first at an intersection, merge, or another form of crossing. Those who do not have the right to go first do not have the right of way. They are required to yield. For example, when two drivers want to occupy the same space in their vehicles, the person with the right of way has the right to occupy that space first. The second driver yields or stops to allow the driver with the right of way to go forward.

Complications When Identifying Fault in Failure to Yield Cases

Sometimes, signs control yielding and the right of way. An individual may see a yellow yield sign, or may not. If they do not yield and cause a crash, it is easier to assign fault or blame based on one driver failing to yield as required by law. However, not all cases are as straightforward.

A more complicated situation could involve when there are no yield signs or any signs available. If you were driving, you must yield and give the right of way in circumstances that are not controlled by any signage. When there is a crash in one of those situations, it becomes more complicated to identify fault because both parties may claim they had the right of way. It is necessary to examine the specific facts to determine who is at fault. Retaining a St. Louis attorney who is familiar with failure to yield cases could help you in these situations.

Common Trends Surrounding Failure to Yield Accidents in St. Louis

One of the more common scenarios surrounding failure to yield crashes is when multiple cars arrive at a four-way stop at the same time. Who goes first and who must yield? Generally, the first person to arrive at the intersection goes first. Sometimes when vehicles arrive at around the same time, two people may believe they have the right of way and when they proceed through the intersection at the same time, they may be involved in a wreck.

Turning left into the path of an oncoming car is a very common cause of a crash. The oncoming vehicle generally has the right of way in that scenario. The individual making the left-hand turn must yield to an oncoming car. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

Sometimes there are line-of-sight problems where a driver cannot see oncoming cars because of a hill, a branch from a tree, or some other obstruction. For instance, in the more rural areas of the state, there are stop signs at an intersection where one corner has a cornfield that prevents the individual at the stop sign from seeing oncoming vehicles. They are supposed to yield before they make their turn but unfortunately cannot see an approaching vehicle. When they pull out, the oncoming car that they didn’t see hits their car resulting in injuries. In other instances, the oncoming car is moving faster than the person anticipates and when he pulls out, there is a crash.

There are many trends to these types of wrecks which is why it is so critical to contact an attorney who can assess your claim and determine the degree of fault involved in a St. Louis failure to yield accident.

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After crashing with another vehicle, you may believe that you were not the person responsible for this wreck. A trial lawyer who could assess your degree of fault and if necessary, take your claim to court is invaluable to put aside any doubt of your fault in an accident. A St. Louis failure to yield accident lawyer can help you do just that. Retaining an attorney could lead to maximum compensation for your claim, so do not waste time in reaching out to one today.



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