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Contractures: Nursing Home Neglect?

Contractures occur in nursing home residents if they are not properly cared for with appropriate exercise or therapy. Contractures are the shortening and hardening of muscles which can cause immobility and pain. They typically occur in bed-bound residents because nursing homes don’t make contracture prevention and priority and usually don’t even have the staffing levels necessary to provide the care required to prevent them. To learn more about contractures and how they may be a result of nursing home negligence, download our FREE eBook today!

What You Should Know about Contractures and Nursing Home Abuse in Missouri

Missouri Nursing Home Contractures

Contractures are preventable. But far too often, they are not prevented because nursing home companies don’t have enough staff members to take the time that is necessary to provide the care residents need to remain free from contractures. Sadly, preventing contractures is not a top priority for nursing homes even though mobility and health contribute to the overall well-being of nursing home residents.

In this book, you will learn:

  • What contractures are and what causes them
  • How nursing homes can prevent contractures and problems associated with contractures
  • How to recognize nursing home neglect signs which lead to contractures
  • What you can do if you suspect your loved one is developing contractures because of a lack of nursing home care

This FREE guide will help you understand this serious problem which often occurs throughout many nursing homes in Missouri. You can download your PDF copy by filling out your information below or contact me directly to discuss your potential abuse and neglect case against a Missouri nursing home.

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