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We are committed to standing up for the rights of nursing home residents and their families. We understand the devastating impact that nursing home abuse and neglect can have on individuals and their loved ones, and we are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of justice on their behalf.

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Fighting for Victims of Nursing Home Negligence in Missouri and Illinois.

Welcome to Terry Law Firm, where pursuing justice for nursing home residents in Missouri and Illinois is all we do. Every single day, our experienced attorneys work tirelessly to help victims of nursing home neglect and abuse and their families recover compensation for the harm they have suffered due to the negligence of nursing home staff and profit-driven corporate owners.

We understand that nursing home neglect and abuse can take many forms, including physical and emotional injuries and sexual abuse. Why? Because this is personal for us. That’s why we have dedicated pages on our website to provide information about warning signs and types of abuse, as well as common injuries that can result from neglect and abuse, such as bed sores, broken bones, falls, fractures, medication errors, choking, and death.

At Terry Law Firm, we are committed to advocating for our clients and holding nursing homes accountable for their actions. Our attorneys investigate cases, gather evidence, and build strong legal arguments to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

If you or a loved one has suffered harm due to nursing home neglect or abuse, you deserve justice and compensation. Contact Terry Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. We are here to pursue justice for nursing home residents, every single day.

Client Testimonial

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your services. I want to thank you and your entire law firm for all of your hard work throughout my father’s case. I can’t thank you enough for the amazing legal service you gave me. You always answered my emails and phone calls. You would always reassure me that we would get through this difficult time together. I am forever grateful for your professional services and legal advice.


Case Results

Our reputation is due in part to our successful track record of recovery. Our nursing home neglect and abuse attorneys have obtained millions of dollars in compensation for individuals and family members who have suffered abuse, neglect, and death at the hands of the nursing home industry. Most of our cases have confidential settlements, but here is a good representation of our past cases.

  • $2.3 Million

    Nursing Home Resident Wrongful Death

  • Settlement

    $2.025 Million

    Wrongful death of nursing home resident

  • Settlement


    Wrongful Death Case


My Promise to You.

I hate it when people don’t return phone calls. Terry Law Firm’s promise is that if you leave a detailed message we will return your phone call as soon as possible.

– David Terry

Frequently Asked Questions

Our reputation is due in part to our successful track record of recovery. Our nursing home neglect and abuse attorneys have obtained millions of dollars in case results for individuals and family members dealing with the effects of a serious catastrophic personal injury or the loss of a loved one.

  • What should I do if rights are violated?

    Every nursing home has a legal obligation to provide quality care and a safe environment for its residents. Every nursing home is legally required to “meet the needs of the resident.” However, most nursing homes…

    Read Answer

  • FAQ
    What can I do to protect my loved one?

    To help prevent nursing home abuse and neglect, you need to be actively involved in your loved one’s care. Visit your loved one regularly and watch for the following signs of abuse or neglect: Dehydration,…

    Read Answer

  • FAQ
    What rights does a nursing home resident have in a lawsuit?

    While a resident at a nursing home, residents are entitled to receive quality, timely medical care. Nursing homes are required by law to meet the needs of their residents. When they fail to do that,…

    Read Answer

  • FAQ
    What are some warning signs that your loved one could be the victim of nursing home abuse and neglect?

    As a family member, you should be on constant alert for signs that your loved one is not being treated properly at a Missouri nursing home. Here are some common warning signs to look for:…

    Read Answer

  • FAQ
    How can I choose a safe nursing home?

    Bad things can happen at highly rated nursing homes, so while your odds may improve by placing a loved one in a highly rated nursing home, you still need to be wary of what is…

    Read Answer

  • FAQ
    What are the causes of nursing home abuse and neglect?

    There are multiple ways residents are injured in nursing homes, but if you look for the “why”, it usually boils down to one thing….a staff that is either insufficiently trained or insufficient in number; or…

    Read Answer

No Fee Guarantee

We do not charge fees or expenses upfront. The only compensation Terry Law Firm will receive comes from your winning settlement or verdict. If our St Louis based nursing home neglect and abuse attorneys don’t win your case, no fee is assessed.

Our Books

Below are some resources that can provide you with more information about nursing home abuse and neglect cases in Missouri and Illinois.

  • The Art of the Complaint: How to Effectively Complain about BAD CARE at a Nursing Home

  • 5 Things You Must Know About Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect in Missouri

  • 3 Key Factors in Preventing Bed Sores

  • Contractures: Nursing Home Neglect?


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