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The Art of the Complaint: How to Effectively Complain about BAD CARE at a Nursing Home

Many families in Missouri entrust their loved ones to nursing homes across the state. While some facilities strive to provide a standard of care, others make a lot of promises about providing good care, but end up disappointing families with substandard care, abuse, and neglect toward their loved ones. Too often when families complain about bad care, they are either ignored or the changes that are made last only a few days before going back to the status quo. To help families lodge complaints with Missouri nursing homes, I have created this FREE guide for download: The Art of the Complaint.

Lodging Complaints with a Missouri Nursing Home

There is an Art to Making Complaints at Nursing Homes

Most of my clients have told me that when they make complaints about the care their loved ones have received, they are ignored. Some of the complaints that I’ve heard are:

  • Mom has been lying in her own waste for hours
  • Dad is supposed to be repositioned every two hours, but he hasn’t been moved for days
  • Staff members don’t answer the call bells
  • No one ever helps my Mom even though she is a high fall risk

There are a lot of reasons to lodge complaints with a nursing home, but many people don’t complain because they don’t know how, they are afraid of making the situation worse or they just give up. However, when family members receive bad care at a nursing home, your complaint may be the only way to get better care. But you have to be smart in how you complain.

In The Art of the Complaint, I cover some of the following concepts:
Different types of nursing home abuse and neglect that you should complain about

  • The wrong way to complain
  • Who you should complain to
  • Steps to filing more complaints if a problem persists
  • What you should do if a loved one is injured due to bad care at a Missouri nursing home

All of this information and more has been compiled into an easy-to- read eBook so you can help your loved ones entrusted to any Missouri nursing home. Download your FREE copy of The Art of the Complaint today.

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