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Inattentive Staff in Nursing Homes

While placing a loved one in a nursing home is never an easy decision, there are times when it is unavoidable and necessary in order to provide a loved one a safe living environment and the care that they need. Before deciding where your loved one should reside, you likely researched and tried to pick the best nursing home for their needs.

However, if you recently determined that your loved one was injured or harmed by inattentive staff in a St. Louis nursing home, you may be regretting your decision. Holding yourself responsible for something you had no control over will not solve the problem but hiring an experienced nursing home abuse attorney to help you hold the truly liable parties accountable may go a long way to resolving the problem with your family member and helping other residents as well.

The Importance of Quality Caring Staff

In St. Louis, inattentive staff in nursing homes is, unfortunately, more common than most people might think. This issue can lead to a host of different problems, many of which qualify legally as abusive or neglectful.

Staff that is inattentive and uncaring do not typically provide appropriate social or physical care for elderly residents. They may miss important health signs and symptoms such as mental decline, a decreased appetite, fall risks, medication errors, or even the beginning stages of a bedsore.  Further, the concerns of other family members and residents may not be taken seriously or even ignored.

Who is Liable for Inattentive Staff in Long-Term Care Facilities?

While each nursing home employee is responsible for their own actions, their employers can be held legally liable when they fail to uphold the duties associated with their employment.

However, there may also be other defendants named in a nursing home negligence lawsuit. Other parties who may be liable for damages to a nursing home resident or their family include:

  • Senior staff members that oversee other staff
  • Staff responsible for hiring and training
  • Nursing home administration
  • Owners of the nursing home
  • Related companies that are involved in the financial and clinical decisions of the nursing home.

Nursing homes that fail to adequately supervise or train their employees could be deemed negligent for the injuries that occur from lack of supervision or training. Nursing homes must hire attentive, knowledgeable, and state-certified or licensed staff or else they could be held liable for the damages that they cause.

Get Help with Inattentive Staff in St. Louis Nursing Homes

Inattentive staff in St. Louis nursing homes can cause a variety of different problems for the residents they are supposed to serve. If these problems lead to injury and damages such as increased serious injuries,  pain and suffering or even the death of a loved one, you or  your elderly loved one may have a valid legal claim.

You could learn more by reaching out to speak with an adept nursing home abuse attorney today. The sooner you discuss what has happened with a qualified lawyer, the sooner you could start seeking justice for your loved one. Call the Terry Law Firm today at 314-878-9797 or reach out to us by email at

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