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5 Things You Must Know About Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect in Missouri

If your loved one has been abused or neglected in a nursing home, you need to know where to turn and who you can trust.

Nursing homes want your business and they will tell you just about anything to get it. They will promise to take care of your Mom or your Dad just like they would their own, but sometimes those promises are not kept. When the nursing home you have chosen fails to live up to their promises and staff members are hard to find you likely have no idea what to do.

Missouri Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Guide

This book has the answers you've been looking for!

My new book, 5 Things You Must Know About Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect In Missouri, answers many of the questions people have when they discover that their family member has become a victim of the nursing home industry.

In this book I explain why so many nursing homes smell bad, have too few employees and often fail to live up to their promises they make.  (Hint…the problem stems from a sophisticated corporate structure designed to increase the wealth of the owners at the expense of the residents.)  In this book, I explain that some nursing home companies create a corporate spider web that make their owners rich while leaving the actual nursing home facility struggling to provide quality care on a shoestring budget. I also go into detail as to why some common problems faced by nursing home residents, like pressure sores, dehydration, and malnutrition, should almost never happen and what you should do if your loved one is the victim of abuse or neglect in a nursing home.

You may discover that your loved one has experienced:

  • Pressure sores
  • Dehydration and Malnutrition
  • Sexual Assault
  • Excessive falls
  • Broken bones
  • Unexplained bruises

If you have discovered that your family member has suffered in a nursing home, you may have some questions:

  • I trusted them. How could this happen?
  • Why did this happen?
  • What could the nursing home have done to prevent this?
  • Who should I report this to?
  • Should I contact an attorney?

The information contained in this book will you and your family become more knowledgeable and proactive in making sure their loved one does not become a victim of abuse or neglect. For families whose loved ones have already been victimized, this book will help you learn what to do next.

All this information is absolutely free. You can download the book in its entirety for free or you can call our office to send a hard copy of the book directly to you. We will not share your email or contact information with anyone.

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