Neglect in a nursing home is when there is a breach of the duty of standard of care that leads to harm to the resident. There are state and federal regulatory rules which state the requirements and the duties of the nursing home. The number one requirement is that the nursing home is required to meet the needs of the resident, which includes the duty to keep the resident safe.

If your loved one has suffered due to neglect in a nursing home, reach out to a seasoned nursing home abuse attorney. A St. Louis nursing home neglect lawyer could help you recover damages and hold the nursing home responsible for its negligence.

Common Examples of Neglect in a Nursing Home

There are numerous ways in which a nursing home can be guilty of neglect. One example concerns the use of lifts. When a resident is immobile, nursing homes are still required to get that resident out of the bed periodically. To do this, the nursing home uses a mechanical life, which is a series of straps that they tuck underneath the resident. The straps are connected to a machine and it lifts the resident out of the bed and sets them down into a wheelchair.

It takes two people to operate a lift. If there is not enough staffing and only one employee is operating the lift, the resident could be dropped. This could cause serious and even catastrophic injuries to the individual.

Another common example of neglect in a nursing home is the failure to reposition a resident who cannot reposition themselves. Failing to reposition the individual in a timely manner in accordance with either the physician’s order or the regulatory rules – which is every two hours – can lead to a pressure sore. This can cause an infection, which can lead to sepsis.

Any of these examples could lead to a viable claim. Speak with a St. Louis nursing home neglect lawyer to see how an attorney could help one file a claim for compensation.

Scenarios Leading to Neglect

Neglect in a nursing home is usually due to a lack of staff members. If there are not enough staff members, then there are not enough people to physically meet the needs of all the residents. Many nursing homes are understaffed because the owners simply do not want to pay staff members enough.

The number two reason for neglect in a nursing home is insufficient training. The training staff members receive is too often infrequent and short. For instance, a nursing home may only spend 15 minutes training its employee of resident falls. However, this is simply not enough time to train employees on one of the most common and deadly problems in a nursing home.

There is also too much employee turnover in nursing homes. This can create an issue with neglect when the staff members are new to the job and have not had sufficient training.

How a St. Louis Nursing Home Neglect Attorney Could Help

If one of your loved ones is a resident in a nursing home and suffered neglect, reach out to a compassionate attorney. A St. Louis nursing home neglect lawyer could help you hold the nursing home responsible for the harm that they have caused. By filing a claim, a skilled attorney could help you recover compensation.

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