Some nursing home residents require breathing tubes (also known as endotracheal tubes) to assist with their breathing. Many residents that use breathing tubes also use ventilators. These tubes allow nursing home staff members to remove mucous from the resident’s lungs.

Residents who have endotracheal tubes are essentially forced to rely upon the nursing home staff for everything. The endotracheal tube is inserted into the resident’s throat and past the vocal cords, making it virtually impossible for the resident to talk. Moreover, residents using breathing tubes are unable to eat or drink by mouth as that would create a choking hazard. Consequently, residents dependent upon breathing tubes must be fed through an IV or a feeding tube that is inserted directly into the stomach. Problems that result because of improper maintenance or care of breathing tubes are a form of negligence, which our experienced nursing home clogged breathing tubes and nursing home abuse attorney, David Terry, can help you with if your loved one has suffered in a nursing home.

Compared to residents who can breathe on their own and feed themselves, residents using breathing tubes or who are ventilator dependent are totally dependent upon nursing home staff members for their very life. As a result, nursing home employees must be extra vigilant in the care they provide to these residents.

Nursing homes are supposed to keep breathing tubes clean and in working order for those residents who require devices to assist with their breathing. This not only requires additional monitoring of the resident, it requires skill and proper training. Failure to monitor or maintain the breathing tube may result in a clog that impedes the resident’s breathing. When this happens, the brain is deprived of oxygen and severe injuries may occur, including death.

Injury & Death as a Result of Clogged Breathing Tubes

Nursing homes that have failed to properly train their staff members or who do not have a sufficient number of staff members may be liable for monetary damages if a resident dependent upon breathing tubes or ventilators suffers injury or death as a result of their failure to keep the tube clean or in good working order.

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