Sepsis is a severe infection caused by bacteria in the tissue or bloodstream. If recognized and treated quickly, the infection usually remains localized and is curable. When left untreated, a minor infection can increase in intensity and scope to the point where the entire body suffers from a severe, systemic infection. At this point, the infection is often referred to as sepsis or septicemia and is life-threatening. If a loved one has contracted sepsis while in the care of a nursing home, call our St Louis nursing home abuse attorney. You may be able to open a claim to help your loved one.

Unfortunately, sepsis is an all too common form of death for nursing home residents. Curable infections often go unnoticed or ignored by overworked or poorly trained staff members. Residents with easily treatable urinary tract infections often become septic when their caretakers fail to identify their symptoms or are too busy to report the symptoms to their physicians. Likewise, residents with bed sores who have been lying in their own urine and feces often become septic when the bacteria from the waste enters their blood stream. Pneumonia can also lead to sepsis if the resident does not receive timely medical treatment.

Sepsis Cases Against St Louis Nursing Homes

To win a case against a nursing home for negligent conduct associated with a case involving sepsis, a plaintiff must prove that the nursing home acted or failed to act in a manner that caused their loved one to develop sepsis and, as a result of the nursing home’s negligence, the resident suffered injury or death.

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