Terry Law Firm Successful Results

The Terry Law Firm has successfully represented individuals who have suffered serious personal injuries or whose family members have suffered a wrongful death due to the negligent conduct of others. The successful results listed here do not represent all cases the Terry Law Firm has successfully resolved.

On many cases have we have chosen not include identifiable information about our clients since they often include sensitive details about the deaths of their loved ones. Other cases may have been resolved with strict confidentiality provisions which do not permit additional information to be provided.

Below are some of our case results we have had in the past. Please understand that and that the details and circumstances surrounding all cases are unique and that these results do not guarantee similar results.

$2.3 Million
$2,300,000 confidential settlement in the wrongful death of a nursing home resident.
$2.02 Million
$2,025,000 confidential settlement for wrongful death of nursing home resident.
$1 Million
$1,000,000 settlement for catastrophic injuries sustained in a car crash in St. Louis county.
$800,000 settlement in wrongful death case involving bed sores at a St. Louis City nursing home.
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