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Improper Nursing Home Management in St. Louis

While not noticeable to the average potential nursing home family member, management companies that value currency over the care of residents do exist. These companies tend to place limited staff within their residencies all while maximizing a stream of profits. Because of this, accidents tend to occur. It is ideal for you to be knowledgeable of these practices and know how to avoid them.

The Deceptive Nature of Nursing Home Leasing

Related party transactions are everywhere. When owners of buildings allow for a nursing home to exist on their property, and when they do not hold the interests of their residents, it could spell trouble for your loved ones.

There are times where the nursing home and property manager are two separate legal entities owned by the same person. In these cases, the property owner leases the property to the nursing home for the sake of a consistent stream of profit.

So, the person who leases the building to himself for a large amount of money does so by pulling money out of the facility.

Proxy Companies Focused on Profits

Now, typically here in Missouri, the employees are not employees of the property management company. The CNAs, the LPNs, the RNs, they are employees of the nursing home itself. To better micromanage the practices of the employees at the nursing home, the owner of the property creates a management company that offers advice or consultations to the nursing home for a large fee. These fees are typically included in the cost of someone’s residence in a nursing home.

This practice is all in place for the sake of streamlined profits. When these improper management practices exist, the needs of residents are often neglected. Instead of ignoring these issues, choose to work with a St. Louis attorney.

Reach Out to an Attorney Who Could Hold Negligent Property Owners Accountable

If you or a loved one was seriously injured because of a negligent staff member, then a dedicated personal injury attorney could investigate the cause of the injury. If it is found that a nursing home prioritizes profits over the well-being of its residents, then you need to take every step possible to hold it accountable. An experienced attorney could do just that.

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