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Fountainbleau Lodge of Cape Girardeau Sued By Terry Law Firm

Terry Law Firm filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Fountainbleau Lodge of Cape Girardeau on behalf of a former resident, Nellie Moss, who died on April 27, 2017.

Nellie was unable to provide for her own safety needs and was unable to ask for help making her completely dependent upon the nursing home to meet all her needs and provide for her safety. She was noted to be completely immobile and required full time care and supervision.

On April 27, 2017 it is noted in Nellie’s chart that she had a “coughing attack” that caused her to roll out of bed and hit her head. Nellie was taken to St. Francis Hospital where doctors determined she suffered a significant head injury. Nellie died that same day from the intracranial bleed she suffered at Fountainbleau Lodge.

You can read the full petition here:

Fountainbleau Lodge Owners

Fountainbleau Lodge is located at 2001 North Kingshighway in Cape Girardeau Missouri 63701. The facility is partially owned by Shafiq Malik who was also designated as the Administrator of the facility when Nellie’s injuries occurred. Malik is also co-owner of Fountainbleau Management Group, Inc. which was paid $196,327 in 2017 in Management Fees. Both Malik and Fountainbleau Management Group, Inc. are also named defendants.

In addition to ownership interests in Fountainbleau Lodge and Fountainbleau Management Group, Inc., Malik is partial owner of two other Missouri facilities:

  • Fountainbleau Nursing Center 1349 Highway 61, Festus MO 63028; and
  • Riverview at the Park 1100 Progress Parkway, St. Genevieve, MO 63670

Constant Security for Residents

Fountainbleau Lodge held itself out to the public as providing full nursing care, and states on their website: “with our skilled care wing, we provide full nursing care to individuals. This range of nursing services provides constant security to our residents.”

Plaintiff’s lawsuit challenges the statement that Nellie was provided constant security. Rather, Plaintiff alleges that his mother was not provided proper or adequate supervision and as a direct result died a painful and excruciating death.

What’s the Purpose of a Nursing Home Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Nellie’s son hired David Terry  of the Terry Law Firm to pursue a wrongful death case against Fountainbleau Lodge of Cape Girardeau, Fountainbleau Management Group and Shafik Malik. A wrongful death lawsuit in Missouri is brought on behalf of certain surviving family members. Nellie’s family hopes that this lawsuit will bring awareness to mistreatment at nursing homes and will prevent future injuries and assaults on nursing homes residents.

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