Fifty-six year old Julio Mestre, a registered sex offender, reportedly sexually molested two nursing home residents on May 8, 2010

The women were roommates at Creekside Health Care Center, a nursing home located in San Pablo, California. On the day of the attack, a nursing home worker reported that a man entered the room of a 66 year old resident, who was unable to speak due to a stroke, and groped and sexually assaulted the nursing home resident. The man allegedly walked into the room and stood behind the curtain partition of the victim. Her roommate, a 79 year old woman, began hitting her call button in an attempt to summon help. An attendant located the man in the room and took him to the nurses’ station, but the man, who was later identified as Julio Mestre, left before police could be summoned. The woman was treated at a local hospital and returned to the facility.

The sixty-six year old woman could convey enough information to police to describe her assault but did not know the man. Her roommate told police that the same man had assaulted her in January 2010. Although the January attack was reported to nursing home staff, police never received information of the attack and therefore, it was never investigated.

On May 9, Mother’s Day, the attacker returned to the facility with his wife to deliver Communion to the residents from a nearby church. A staff member recognized Mestre and called police.

Mestre was charged with multiple felonies and booked into the County Jail. He remained in jail in lieu of $700,000 bail.

Mestre drives a charter bus. While he was working for Muni in San Francisco in 2005, he reportedly molested a woman in a hospital bed in Laguna Honda Hospital while wearing his work uniform. As part of his plea deal in that case, Mestre was required to register as a sex offender in San Pablo, where he lives.

Police continue to investigate this matter, but have not found any other victims.

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