John Beaudette, former Administrator of Granger Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Iowa, faces criminal charges for threatening the defenseless residents living under his care

According the Iowa Department of Inspection and Appeals criminal complaint, in May or June 2009, Beaudette reportedly took off his ring and glasses and assumed a “fighting stance” while screaming, cursing, and threatening a resident. Reportedly, one of the victims later told a facility staff member that “he was so scared he almost urinated in his pants”. Seven workers informed state inspectors that Beaudette repeatedly subjected his mentally disabled residents to verbal abuse and threats.

According to one worker, a resident was left in tears after an incident involving Beaudette. In another instance, a facility employee said she was afraid that the Administrator would strike a resident. On yet another occasion, Beaudette reportedly stood in a resident’s face and said, “I want you to get made, and if you hit me, I’m calling the cops and getting you out of here.”

Beaudette denies ever raising his voice with his nursing home residents.

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