A former California nursing home administrator has been charged with kidnapping an 85 year-old woman suffering from Alzheimer’s disease

Reportedly, Carnell Williams was moved into the home of Concepcion “Connie” Pinco Giron in approximately August 2008. Giron began cashing the pension and social security checks of Ms. Williams. Giron told a supervisor at Elmwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, where she was the assistant administrator, that Williams was being transferred to another care home. Williams was located at Giron’s home in August 2009 unharmed. She had been fed and cared for.

Giron has also been accused of opening bank accounts at Citibank for five other residents in 2008. She reportedly transferred funds from those accounts into her own bank account for personal use. She wrote checks to herself and used their ATM cards. She also allegedly stole money from residents’ trust accounts at the nursing home facility. She also convinced the son of one of the victims that he needed to pay an extra $600 per month in cash to keep his mother at the facility. The son made those payments for 18 months and Giron kept the money.

Giron was arrested on Monday and charged with kidnapping to commit another crime, false imprisonment, elder abuse, and six counts of theft. She is being held on $365,000 bail.

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