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Unveiling the Reality of Missouri Nursing Home Care

The Columbia Missourian recently shed light on a distressing scenario that the Terry Law Firm unfortunately encounters all too frequently. A Resident in a St. Louis skilled nursing facility describes the facility as “depressing” and a “prison,”.  The article narrates the resident’s experience and she further states, “she prefers to rely on herself rather than ask the staff for help. They tend to act annoyed, roll their eyes, or talk down to the other residents.” In our experience, nursing home residents often want to rely on themselves because when they receive assistance from staff members it is often abusive and hostile. Residents are often more at risk by relying on themselves, but they deem it better than the abusive care they receive from the nursing home.

This substandard quality of care is not isolated but is prevalent across many nursing homes in Missouri. An AARP article ranks Missouri 48th in Nursing Home Quality and 46th in Nursing Home Staffing levels and Staff turnover. We believe this is accurate because we receive so many calls of horrible things happening in Missouri nursing homes.

Green Park Senior Living was identified in the Columbia Missourian article noting a complaint report from January where there were 12 reported deficiencies, most of which highlighted the quality of life and care. Green Park Senior Living is no stranger to the Terry Law Firm as we have pursued numerous cases against Green Park Senior Living.

In one specific legal case, the Terry Law Firm represented a resident at Green Park Senior Living with a medical condition that required proper hydration, regular meals, and continuous monitoring of blood sugar levels. The facility was informed upon admission of the resident’s needs, yet the facility failed to provide these things to the resident, resulting in the resident becoming unresponsive. When the ambulance personnel arrived a staff member told them that the Resident had been like this for over a week. The resident passed away as a direct result of the facility’s negligence, according to the Wrongful Death Petition we filed on behalf of the resident’s family.

Falls, bedsores, broken bones, choking, burns, and more are distressingly common in Missouri Nursing Homes. Jonathan Steel, a nursing home abuse attorney based out of Kansas City, was interviewed for the article. Jonathan, who is a friend of the Terry Law Firm, stated in the article that he views Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorneys as the last line of defense in holding nursing homes accountable for their actions. We could not agree more.

This revelation calls for a collective effort to address the systemic issues plaguing nursing homes in Missouri. By sharing these stories and pursuing legal action, we aim to raise awareness, promote accountability, and ensure the well-being of our loved ones residing in nursing facilities. The Terry Law Firm remains dedicated to championing the cause of justice for those who have suffered abuse or neglect in Missouri nursing homes.

You can read the Columbia Missourian Article here
You can read the AARP Article here

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