Millions of Americans enjoy the thrill and freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle. However, these benefits often come at an increased risk of crashes and injuries. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are more likely to suffer a severe injury due to less protection between them and the ground or other objects, as well as the inability of other drivers to see them easily.

Motorcycle accident victims may not only endure physical pain but also suffer financially. However, an established St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyer could help victims of motorcycle accidents with recovering compensation for their injuries. Someone injured in such a collision should speak with a dedicated personal injury attorney to see what options may be available to them.

Negligent Drivers and Motorcycle Accidents

All drivers on the road are required to conduct themselves in the same manner that other reasonable drivers would under similar or identical circumstances. Any failure to do so that results in injury to another person may constitute legal negligence. Texting while driving, blowing through a stop sign, driving too fast for conditions, cutting off a motorcycle rider, and ignoring traffic lights are all examples of potentially negligent behavior on the part of a driver.

However, evidence of such behavior alone will not produce a successful civil suit. Only when a driver’s negligence directly causes an accident that produces damages to the plaintiff would that driver face legal liability. Discussing your accident with a St. Louis motorcycle accident attorney could help you determine if you may be entitled to compensation.

Plaintiff Liability

Motorcycle accidents can be quite complex, often requiring extensive investigation. Depending on the circumstances, there may be multiple parties at fault, such as other drivers, commercial companies, vehicle or motorcycle manufacturers, those responsible for the upkeep of the roads, and even the plaintiff themselves.

Under Missouri Revised Statutes §537.055, simply operating a motorcycle at the time of the accident is not evidence of comparative negligence. There must be other actions that the plaintiff took to contribute to their injuries, like traveling too fast or not wearing protective gear.

If a civil court finds the plaintiff in a motorcycle wreck case partially liable for their damages, they would assign them a percentage of liability. Accordingly, the court would then reduce their recoverable compensation by that percentage, thus decreasing the defendant’s degree of liability.

When to Contact Legal Counsel

You could benefit from contacting a well-versed motorcycle accident lawyer in St. Louis as soon as possible to preserve evidence in their case. The statute of limitations for St. Louis motorcycle accident cases, as established in MO Rev. Stat. §516.120 gives plaintiffs five years from the date of their accident to file a civil claim.

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When motorcyclists are injured in accidents, their lives can change significantly. In addition to significant and potentially life-altering injuries, they could instantly become subject to tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills, while simultaneously missing work and losing their paychecks. They may even notice some of their closest relationships start to change.

A St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyer could stand up for your legal rights and help fight for compensation. Call today to start assessing your potential legal options.

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