Paralysis is a condition usually caused by severe damage to the spinal cord. When this occurs, a person may lose control of different areas of their body. Paraplegia can cause them to lose function in their legs, while quadriplegia can cause someone to lose all mobility from the neck down. These injuries are most common in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents, and medical malpractice.

If you suffered paralysis after an injury that was caused by someone else, you could file a lawsuit for compensation. Compensation can help cover the high medical costs of treating paralysis, compensate you for future medical care you will require, compensate you for your pain and suffering and help you move forward with your life.

A St. Louis paralysis injury lawyer can help you establish the evidence of your accident, prove the other party’s negligence and liability, and stand up for your rights. An experienced personal injury lawyer does what it takes to pursue your fair compensation.

Elements of Proof in Paralysis Injury Accidents

Everyone is responsible for behaving in such a way that keeps everyone around them safe, so when a person acts in a way that endangers others, they may be deemed negligent.

No matter what the activity, everyone is responsible for keeping others safe, or upholding their legal “duty of care.” For example, drivers are expected to follow traffic laws and drive safely. Property owners are responsible for keeping their property in a safe condition. Doctors and hospitals are responsible for properly treating their patients in a timely manner. Nursing homes are required to meet the needs of their residents and to provide residents with a safe environment.

As such, in a paralysis injury case, an injured individual must be able to prove that someone else was negligent by breaching their duty of care, and that this breach of duty caused the accident. The victim must also be able to prove that their injuries are a direct result of the other party’s negligence.

Proving these elements in any case can be extremely difficult, so you need the help of a paralysis injury lawyer in St. Louis to help you present the proof you need to achieve a successful outcome.

Compensation in Paralysis Injury Accidents

Paralysis injuries can be extremely costly to treat. Even after treatment, a person’s life may be changed forever. An injured individual will likely be restricted to a wheelchair, need to have ramps installed around their home, and require extensive therapy and long term care. Those who suffer from quadriplegia will likely need constant care, possibly in a long-term health facility.

Since paralysis injuries are so costly, accident victims should seek compensation for their injuries. This compensation can cover the costs such as:

  • Medical treatment
  • Loss of wages
  • Expenses related to necessary equipment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish

In addition to these typical compensatory damages, a court may also award punitive damages if the defendant was especially reckless.

When filing a lawsuit to claim compensation, a St. Louis paralysis injury attorney will also consider future medical and care expenses. Attorneys will often consult with an economic expert who can create a life plan to determine what types and what amount of compensation will be necessary for a plaintiff’s situation.

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Paralysis is one of the most serious injuries a person could ever suffer. When someone else is at fault for the accident, however, an injured person does not have to suffer alone. A St. Louis paralysis injury lawyer could help the accident victim get the compensation they need to help them cope with their injury.

If you suffered a paralysis injury and believe it was the fault of someone else, call a qualified attorney today. An attorney will fight to protect your rights, hold negligent parties responsible, and get you the compensation you deserve.

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