Recovering compensation after you have been seriously injured by another person in a car wreck is not impossible. In fact, there are areas of the law that are specifically written to ensure your rights are protected when it comes to recovering your losses. However, understanding these laws often takes years of experience. Enlisting the employ of an experienced legal representative could be the first step toward a better understanding of how an attorney could help recover St. Louis car accident damages. Reach out to an attorney today.

The Role of a Legal Professional When Seeking Compensation

The attorney plays a huge role in recovering damages for you and victims like you. A lawyer who represents you normally starts the process by simply providing advice for you and what to expect moving forward. The lawyer can review the insurance policies associated with the case to make a determination on what is the maximum amount the insurance policy covers for the potential wrongdoer and also review the insurance policies for you to see if you have uninsured or underinsured coverage that may come into play in the event the defendant’s policy is insufficient.

A lawyer can also do a subsequent investigation to make a determination on not only the facts of the case but the circumstances surrounding your accident and identifying who may be at fault for your losses beyond the negligent driver. For example, if a road condition contributed to the car accident that resulted in your injuries, the lawyer may have grounds for the state being identified as a possible defendant and partially responsible for the losses you suffered. The investigation process is an important factor for an injured party and is certainly one facet as to how an attorney could help recover St. Louis car accident compensation.

One of the key responsibilities for a lawyer representing injured individuals is to prepare the petition, which is the lawsuit that names the defendants and identifies the allegations of negligence against the defendants. The lawyer would gather evidence both before and after filing the lawsuit through the form of inspections, taking photographs, witness statements, investigations, as well as the written discovery process, and depositions. All of this helps in determining and recovering damages for an injured individual.

Communicating with Parties Involved

The lawyer is also the communicator when dealing with insurance companies. Insurance companies can be persistent and dishonest. An injured person trying to recover from their injuries does not need the stress associated with handling the demands of an insurance company. That is where an attorney steps into that role so that the injured individual can focus their attention on getting the medical care they need and recovering from their injuries.

A lawyer would work with the injured person in determining the extent of damages to submit to a claims adjuster before filing a lawsuit in an effort to resolve the case. If the case is not resolved pre-suit, then a lawsuit is filed. Once the lawsuit is filed, a lawyer would also handle all the correspondence, communication, and negotiation with the attorneys assigned to represent the defendant party.

If the case were to go to trial, the lawyer would not only try the case but prepare the case for trial, including identifying all key witnesses, taking statements or depositions, getting them prepared for trial, as well as preparing all the documentation and the legal paperwork associated with a trial. Once the case is tried and a verdict is received, if there is an appeal associated with the trial, then the lawyer would handle that as well.

Steps Taken by a Lawyer When Attempting to Recover Compensation After a Car Crash

After a car accident takes place, an attorney for the injured party can do an investigation which includes:

  • Site inspection
  • Taking photographs
  • Obtaining medical bills
  • Obtaining lost wage information
  • Determining medical bills relevant to the injuries

All of this information is calculated to determine the amount of damages suffered by the injured party. The lawyer can then make a determination on what the value of the non-economic damages or the pain and suffering is as well as the amount of the economic damages. Once the injured party has finalized medical treatment and his medical condition has stabilized, the lawyer can use this information to pursue a settlement amount that fairly compensates the person for the injuries they suffered and hopefully lead to maximum compensation for you.

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The serious injuries you sustained following a car wreck likely has placed serious emotional and financial burdens on you and victims like you. Fortunately, learning how an attorney could help recover St. Louis car accident damages could be of serious benefit to you. Trial lawyers familiar with the compensation you need can draft a claim for you and petition the court to hold wrongdoers accountable for their actions. However, the first step for all of this is reaching out. Do so today.

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