Although bus travel is a relatively safe mode of transportation, bus crashes can and do occur. When bus accidents happen, they can cause particularly devastating injuries to passengers because of the size and speed of the bus. Additionally, many buses either do not have seatbelts or do not require passengers to use seatbelts, which increases the risk of injury in a crash.

The aftermath of a bus crash can be chaotic, between dealing with injuries, the burden of medical bills, the possible loss of a job, and potentially filing a lawsuit. If you were injured in a bus accident and are unsure about how to proceed, a St. Louis bus accident lawyer could guide you in the right direction. Dedicated personal injury lawyers can protect you against insurance companies who try to or lessen the value of your claim or deny your claim altogether.

Naming the Defendant in a Bus Crash Lawsuit

It is possible that multiple parties are at fault for causing a bus wreck.
Bus accident lawsuits typically involve an injury based on a claim of general negligence or a defective product.

Bus accidents may be caused by the negligence of the bus driver, another driver on the road, or both. Drivers can be negligent in more than one way. Speeding, sudden lane changes, intoxication, texting, and driving while tired or distracted are all examples of driver negligence. A driver who fails to drive reasonably in bad road conditions or weather may also be guilty of negligent driving.

Negligent Bus Maintenance

Alternatively, a bus collision may be caused by a defective component in the bus itself or a failure to maintain the bus. Since buses are typically driven regularly and for long distances, it is important that they are maintained properly. If a bus driver unexpectedly loses control of their bus, all parties associated with the manufacturing and maintenance of the bus should be questioned.

Parties who may be responsible for defective bus parts and maintenance issues include the owner of the bus, the bus company, a bus mechanic, or the manufacturer of the bus or its parts.

Accidents Involving School Buses

Accidents involving school buses, in particular, can present unique complications because there are so many parties involved. The bus driver, bus manufacturer, a private school, a public school district, and insurance companies are all potential parties to name in a school bus crash case. An experienced bus accident lawyer can be an invaluable resource in pursuing these multi-party claims.

Common Bus Accident Injuries

The large size of a bus combined with a high volume of passengers can cause substantial injuries to many people at once. Common bus wreck injuries include:

  • Whiplash
  • Head injury
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Lacerations and scars
  • Bruises
  • Death

Many people rely on buses as their primary mode of transportation. Passengers who suffer injuries due to the fault of someone else should not hesitate to seek compensation for their injuries.

Consult with a St. Louis Bus Accident Attorney Today

According to the Missouri Statutes § 516.120, most personal injury claims in St. Louis must be initiated within five years of the date of the collision. This time limit gives bus accident victims time to recover from their injuries, gather evidence, and contact a lawyer for help with their claim.

If you or a loved one sustained injuries as the result of a bus wreck, or if a family member died in a bus accident, you should seek appropriate medical attention and contact a St. Louis bus accident lawyer. A trained lawyer can help you recover damages for the injuries you have suffered by gathering evidence and leveraging personal injury laws. By pursuing a claim, you could recover the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses.

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