Plaintiffs were two elderly women who resided at a nursing home a small town in central Missouri. The allegations in our lawsuit involved an employee of the nursing home being allowed to work at the facility despite allegations about him from a family member that he was a danger to the residents of the facility. During depositions we learned that after receiving this information from the family member, the administrator and other members of the administrative staff had a meeting where the employee was removed from the schedule. Then, for reasons no one could explain, he was put back on the schedule. While working he slipped away and sexually assaulted two residents.

After the assault took place, the residents informed a nurse who, in turn, informed the administrative staff. Rather than call the police immediately, they began an “internal investigation” during which time my clients were bathed, their bed clothes and sheets washed and their room cleaned. The police were not called until a family member finally made the call.

During our pursuit of the case, we learned that the nursing home and the “home office” failed to pursue a background check or follow up with the employee’s former employer. After multiple depositions, the case was settled on the brink of trial. The settlement remains confidential.

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