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Lawsuit Filed Against Marymount Manor After Resident Falls 3 Times in Six Day Stay

The Terry Law Firm has filed a lawsuit against Marymount Manor for severe injuries suffered by a resident who was there less than one week. Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect attorney David W. Terry represents Norman Moore and his family. In this lawsuit, the Plaintiff alleges that he suffered severe negligence and abuse during his brief residency at Marymount Manor.

Allegations of The Lawsuit

Mr. Moore was a resident of Marymount Manor for only 6 days. In this 6 day stay, Plaintiff alleges that he fell 3 times due to lack of proper supervision of Marymount Manor staff. The facility was informed upon admission that Mr. Moore was a high fall risk and required assistance with his balance. The facility was also informed he needed moderate assistance with transferring from a sitting to standing position and with walking. Despite this information, the facility documented that Norman required only limited assistance with transfers and failed to provide a care plan with any specific action to prevent Mr. Moore from falling.

Shortly after his arrival Mr. Moore was left unsupervised and was permitted to walk without supervision. Predictably, he fell and suffered a hip injury. The facility did not inform his family or contact a physician to provide him with appropriate medical attention.

Two days after his arrival, a staff member documented that Mr. Moore was experiencing disorganized thinking, confusion, balance problems and had repeatedly tried to get up and walk unattended. Despite this information and the predictable probability of him suffering another fall, Marymount Manor added no additional safety measures in their care for Mr. Moore. Four days after his arrival, Marymount Manor staff noted that a hip x-ray had been ordered. There was no documentation about a fall on this day or any hip pain developing.

On his sixth day at the facility, Mr. Moore was taken to a local hospital by his daughter where hospital staff diagnosed him with a left femoral neck fracture, an abrasion to the bridge of his nose, swelling of his right cheek, and abrasions to his arms, elbows, and right knee. On July 21, 2020, Mr. Moore underwent a surgery to repair his hip fracture.

You can read the full petition here.

More on Marymount Manor

Despite marketing itself as a caring and compassionate environment for their residents, Plaintiffs believe that Marymount Manor failed to live up to its promises. This facility is also part of a group of RSP, senior living facilities, also known as Riley Spence facilities. Their website asserts that their facilities provide “as much or as little care needed to promote the resident’s entire well-being” and that life “at a Riley Spence community is perfectly safe”. Plaintiff alleges that Mr. Moore’s brief residency at Marymount Manor was not perfectly safe.

Lead attorney David Terry states, “Sadly, this facility held itself out to the public as one that provides as much, or as little care as needed to promote the resident’s entire well-being. This is just the latest example of a nursing home making a promise that it doesn’t keep. Unfortunately, when nursing homes fail to keep their promises, people get hurt. That is what happened to Mr. Moore.”

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