Due to the unprotected nature of riding a motorcycle, accidents that involve a motorcycle are often particularly damaging. Even with protective equipment like helmets and boots, motorcycle wreck injuries have the potential to be severe and, in some cases, deadly.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), when multiple vehicles are involved, nearly 70 percent of motorcycle accidents are caused by another vehicle driver who violates the motorcycle rider’s right-of-way. Furthermore, the NHTSA estimates that there are approximately 90,000 motorcycle crash injuries each year.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, contact a Jefferson County motorcycle accident lawyer to find out if you are eligible to seek compensation for your injuries. A diligent personal injury attorney can advocate on your behalf and work to establish another party’s liability in court. Call today to start exploring your legal options.

Who Is Liable for Motorcycle Accidents?

In order to name a defendant in the case, the attorney would need to determine who is at fault for the accident. All drivers, including commercial drivers, generally have a duty to act with care using the same reasonable judgment that another driver would in similar circumstances. When they fail to do so, they breach their duty and potentially leave themselves liable for the injuries and damages they cause to you and others.

Motorcycle accidents may also have multiple defendants, including other drivers, commercial companies, automobile manufacturers, and parties responsible for road maintenance.

Time Limits for Jefferson County Motorbike Wreck Cases

After a motorcycle accident, you usually have a lot of tasks to attend: medical appointments, talking to insurance companies, arranging time off of work to heal, and finding help for tasks you cannot complete for yourself at that time. However, during this stressful and busy period of life, it is often vital that victims like yourself know you have a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit in relation to your accident.

Missouri Code section 516.120 provides that motorcycle victims have a 5-year time limit to file a civil court case related to their damages. This time limit is known as the statute of limitations and begins on the date of the accident or on the date that the injuries were discovered. A motorcycle accident lawyer in Jefferson County can help inform wreck victims of the timeline of their case and assist them in preparing for the process of filing a lawsuit.

Victims of a motorcycle accident must be well informed of the statute of limitations because if they wait past the five-year mark to file their injury claim, the defendant would likely file a motion to dismiss the case citing that the deadline for filing the legal case had expired. Most likely, the court would dismiss the case based for the tardy filing. Once the deadline has passed, you may forever lose your ability to obtain compensation for your injuries.

It is also essential that you contact an attorney sooner rather than later because evidence could be lost, destroyed, or changed. Bringing a seasoned lawyer into the picture as soon as possible after a motorcycle accident can help you achieve maximum compensation for the pain and suffering as well as financial damages.

Reach Out to a Jefferson County Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

After a motorcycle accident, you need the help of many different professionals such as doctors and physical therapists. You may also benefit from the services of a seasoned Jefferson County motorcycle accident lawyer.

Our attorneys can review the circumstances of your motorcycle accident to determine if you could pursue legal action to recover your damages. After thoroughly investigating your case, obtaining medical records, performing an investigation of the accident scene and talking to witnesses, a lawyer may write a demand letter on your behalf. This letter will explain your injuries and ask for compensation.

In some cases, a legal case can be settled after a demand letter and some negotiation. However, if a settlement offer is not to your satisfaction or we do not receive an offer on your behalf, we are ready to file your case and take it to trial. Call our office today to find out how to get the legal help you need.

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