Even items that are necessary or assumed to be safe, such as cars, lawn mowers and even food and medicine, could become defective and cause injury to consumers. If you were harmed by a defective product, you have the legal right to bring a claim against the manufacturer under products liability law.

However, defective product liability claims can be complex and extremely technical in nature. A Franklin County defective products lawyer could help you understand the demands and intricacies of these cases, and help collect evidence to needed for a claim. An experienced injury lawyer could advise you of your legal rights and help you seek a favorable outcome through your lawsuit.

Determining Liability in a Defective Product Case

The central provision of Missouri’s product liability laws is found in the Missouri Revised Statutes starting with section 537.760. This statute generally stipulates that product manufacturers may be held strictly liable for injuries caused by defective products under certain circumstances.

In most cases, a product manufacturer is expected to make items that adhere to accepted safety standards. Producing, selling, or distributing a product with known defects that pose a significant danger to a consumer who uses the item in an appropriate manner could lead to a product manufacturer being held liable. This may be especially true if the manufacturer fails to offer an adequate warning about the potential dangers involved in product usage.

Simple products that we use every day can cause serious injuries that create complicated lawsuits. If you have been injured by a product, don’t give up or feel intimidated. A dedicated Franklin County defective products lawyer could explain your rights and help you pursue compensation to hold a negligent party accountable.

Potential Types of Injuries Following Usage of a Product with Defects

Categories for product defects are generally divided into flaws in design, manufacturing errors, or the failure to provide adequate warnings or instructions. The majority of successful product liability claims are based on demonstrating the product was defective. Under the law, a defectively designed product is inherently dangerous and does not safely accomplish the intended purpose. A defect or error in manufacturing typically occurs when a product is properly designed but improperly made.

Finally, if a company fails to provide adequate instructions or warnings about a product, and the product causes harm, the manufacturer of the product generally would still be held liable. Claims under this aspect of liability law often involve products that bear a hidden danger. Not informing consumers of the product’s danger or how to take precautions, such as failing to disclose common dangerous side effects of a medication, could lead to manufacturer liability.

Compensation and Claims in Franklin County

Product liability cases are often very technical and require significant investigative skills for the injured party to successfully recover compensation. In order to collect compensation, a product liability lawyer could help a plaintiff demonstrate how a defective product was the result of a defendant’s negligence. This may include contacting experts in fields such as engineering, consumer safety standards, medicine, and any related fields to act as witnesses and provide support to a claim.

Being able to communicate technical details in the courtroom is often an important factor in defective product cases. With the assistance of an expert witness, a qualified Franklin County defective products lawyer could use the latest courtroom technologies to present information in a way that judges and jurors can understand.

Partner with a Steadfast Defective Products Lawyer in Franklin County

Seeking compensation in a defective products case is often exceedingly complicated. Proving that a product was dangerous and demonstrating the cause of an injury could involve a multitude of moving parts. Many injury cases derived from defective products require extensive investigation, the consultation of multiple technical experts, and aggressive litigation. A person who contacts a Franklin County defective products lawyer may have a higher chance for experiencing success in the courtroom. If any type of product caused an injury, call the Terry Law Firm at 314-878-9797 and schedule an appointment to start evaluating legal strategies that may be effective for your case.

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