Despite years of clinical trials, some manufacturers make new drugs available to the public before their risks are completely understood. This may cause a doctor to prescribe the wrong drug or dosage because of insufficient information. Unfortunately, thousands of people suffer serious injuries each year because of dangerous drugs from careless or negligent pharmaceutical companies.

Fortunately, it is possible to hold companies accountable for the harm they cause. If a drug or medical device has harmed you, a Franklin County dangerous drugs lawyer could offer advice and an assessment of your legal options. Although the Food and Drug Administration must approve drugs and medical devices before they are offered to the public, patients could receive medication before all the potential dangers are understood. If this happened to you, allow a detail-oriented injury attorney to help you recover the maximum compensation available while you focus on healing.

What Is A Dangerous Drug Claim?

Legal claims involving harm from a dangerous drug or medical device are often brought under products liability laws. The legal theory of product liability allows people harmed by dangerous medications and drugs to pursue compensation for the harm they sustained. Dangerous drugs attorneys regularly investigate and pursue cases involving many different types of drugs, including:

  • Diet pills
  • Pain medications
  • Antidepressants
  • Vaccines
  • Birth control pills

When these or other drugs prove to be dangerous and cause harm, a lawyer could help advise about whether the manufacturer may be subject to a dangerous drugs lawsuit.

Pursuing Compensation in Franklin County

In order to pursue compensation in a pharmaceutical products liability claim, evidence is required to demonstrate that the drug in question was defective. Medications can be dangerous in multiple ways. Some drugs are defectively designed – they are inherently dangerous and may not safely perform the job for which they were designed. Other drugs could become defective during the manufacturing process. For example, a medication that was somehow tainted when it was made could cause serious harm and injury.

Finally, a company failing to provide adequate instructions or warnings about dangerous side effects or how to use the medication could lead to harm and make a manufacturer liable for the harm sustained. Whenever there is evidence of one or more of these types of defects, a person harmed by taking a dangerous drug or medication could recover compensation for their injuries. A Franklin County dangerous drugs attorney could provide guidance about available legal options when negligent or careless drug companies produce products that cause injuries.

Contact a Franklin County Dangerous Drugs

Lawsuits involving dangerous or defective drugs are often more complex than other injury cases. In addition to assistance from a legal counsel, a dangerous drug claim could require an extensive investigation and testimony from technical experts. For this reason, many people choose to have an experienced Franklin County dangerous drugs lawyer fight for them.

Pharmaceutical companies often have large legal teams. However, a dedicated attorney can explain your legal options and work diligently to help you recover the maximum compensation available for your injuries. You do not need to work alone after being hurt by a dangerous drug. Reach out to our personal injury office to schedule a free consultation, learn more about your options, and begin working on a claim today.

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