Bus crashes can be devastating for everyone involved. If you were in a bus accident, you may face high medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and permanent disability, in addition to severe injuries and long-term pain.

Bus accident cases can be more complex than other types of vehicle accident cases. Consequently, it is vital to speak with a Franklin County bus accident lawyer. Working with an attorney experienced in handling claims related to bus accidents could help you protect your interests in court. No matter what injuries you have suffered, an experienced injury lawyer could stand by your side and help you seek maximum compensation.

Complexities of Bus Accident Claims

There are specific risks that make bus accident claims different from other vehicle accident cases. Due to their size and shape, buses are prone to certain types of collisions, such as rollover accidents. In addition, a bus collision could affect many more people than other accidents. The bus passengers, people in other vehicles, pedestrians, and all others on the road are put at risk for injury in a bus crash.

Aside from the high potential for injury, buses are subject to more complex regulations under federal laws and the Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FCMA). The Federal Motor Carrier Administration establishes rules and regulations for interstate transportation, including requiring drivers to meet the strict standards to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License. Although license requirements may vary from state to state, all bus drivers must meet certain federal standards.

Following an accident, a dedicated attorney could work to collect evidence of a failure to adhere to a law or regulation. This may involve a thorough investigation into the cause of an accident. Any evidence an attorney collects could be an important factor to establish a negligent bus driver or transportation company’s liability for an injury.

Steps to Take After A Franklin County Crash

Following a bus accident, many injured people find consulting an experienced trial attorney beneficial. Bus accident cases require a thorough investigation. A Franklin County bus accident lawyer could investigate an accident, obtain police reports and other records, speak with witnesses, and work to evaluate the damage a person suffered as a result of an accident.

After gathering all relevant information, an attorney could assess a claim and help you decide how to proceed. They may recommend methods to seek compensation for losses sustained in the accident, such as negotiating with insurance companies or working towards a settlement agreement. If an acceptable settlement cannot be reached, a dedicated trial attorney could assist with filing a lawsuit and presenting your claim in court.

Get Legal Help from a Franklin County Bus Accident Attorney

Bus companies and their insurers often try to reduce their liability after an accident. For this reason, it is vital to have an experienced professional on your side. In addition to  collecting the evidence needed to demonstrate a bus driver or company’s negligence, a dedicated injury attorney could help you navigate the complex accident claims process.

Allow a Franklin County bus accident lawyer to stand by your side after an accident. An attorney could explain your rights and help you pursue maximum compensation for the injuries you have sustained. Contact an experienced trial lawyer today and schedule an initial consultation about your bus accident claim.

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