Kirk Douglas: Conduct “Commando Raids” to Prevent Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas died yesterday at the age of 103.  As a kid I loved the 1954 movie
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St. Louis Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Shares “Abuse” Icon on Nursing Home Compare Website

Nursing Home Compare Website Starts “Abuse” Icon for Website Search Page: St. Louis, MO Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Shares
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Understaffing and Compassion Fatigue in St. Louis Nursing Homes

One common aspect of all nursing homes that do not treat their residents with the respect and care they
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The Dangers of Slips and Inattentive Staff

One of the more harrowing aspects of negligent nursing homes is the number of slip and fall accidents that
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Improper Nursing Home Management in St. Louis

While not noticeable to the average potential nursing home family member, management companies that value currency over the care
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How Poor Hygiene Leads to Harm in St. Louis Nursing Homes

When nursing homes disregard the needs of their residents, not only do accidents become more frequent, but living conditions
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