A Virginia nursing home aide for National HealthCare (NHC) was sentenced to sixty years in prison for sexually assaulting four nursing home residents in his care

According to a psychological evaluation read at Wright’s recent court hearing, he blames his victims for the sexual abuse they endured. The psychological evaluation also describes Wright as a manipulative hedonist with tendencies of voyeurism and exhibitionism. His personality is ranked in line with a rapist or molester. “He holds the victims responsible…because the accuser wanted and liked the sex play that happened.”

In January 2010, Wright entered an Alford plea to the four counts of aggravated sexual battery that he faced. An Alford plea acknowledges that evidence in this case is sufficient for a conviction without an admission of guilt, although the court treats it as a guilty plea.

NHC-Bristol supervisors have been accused of ignoring and failing to report Wright’s suspected abuse. The former Director of Nursing, Elizabeth Franklin, was fined and reprimanded. The current facility Administrator, Charlotte Wilson, and Nursing Supervisor Helen Roberts both face possible sanctions against their licenses.

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