The untimely death of a Colorado nursing home resident has prompted an investigation by the Colorado Health Department and Commerce City Police Department

Fifty-seven-year-old Angela Guerra suffered severe injuries to her face in early December, reportedly after running into a wall at the Woodridge Park Nursing Home. Her children are questioning the nursing home’s explanation in light of a conversation with a hospital social worker, who reportedly told them, “The wounds on her face do not match up to the story [Woodbridge Park] is saying, of her hitting a wall.” After her injury, Guerra was in and out of the hospital before succumbing to an infection on December 14. Her family still wants answers.

The Colorado Health Department has cited the facility for not properly monitoring a vulnerable resident and the facility has lost funding for new residents until the problem is fixed. The Commerce City Police Department has interviewed facility staff and is currently working on interviewing Guerra’s physicians to determine if abuse played a hand in the woman’s injuries.

Interestingly, the facility has been the subject of an investigation of CALL7 news investigator John Ferrugia. Ferrugia has spent six months investigating the Woodridge facility and its director, Angela Aragon-Herra concerning serious care issues, such as lack of supervision and care of residents.

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