A Belleville, Illinois nursing home was sued recently, accused of breaking the leg of a resident and then failing to obtain medical assistance for her

The Lincoln Home, Inc. and Weiss Management Group, Inc. were named defendants in a lawsuit filed by Lillie Avant on October 12, 2010 in St. Clair County Circuit Court. Lillie Avant was injured on the morning of May 31, 2010, when facility staff members attempted to turn her onto her right side and reposition her and reportedly heard loud popping sounds. Avant immediately grabbed her leg and cried out in pain.

According to Avant, the popping sound was later identified as her femur and knee fracturing during the move. Despite her obvious pain, Avant alleges that no one notified her doctor or legal representative of her injuries. In fact, Avant’s son visited in the afternoon and her daughter came to the facility in the evening and both found that their mother had yet to receive treatment for her injuries. Avant continued to complain about pain and, reportedly, facility staff provided Avant with pain medication and charted that she received “no relief” from the medication.

Avant was taken to the hospital on the night of June 1, despite orders for x-rays of her hip and leg that were obtained late at night on May 31. Avant was diagnosed with multiple leg and knee fractures. To add insult to injury, the facility reportedly sent a staff member to see Avant in the hospital while she was heavily medicated in order to sign a statement about the incident.

Avant seeks more than $50,000 from both defendants

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