Gilbert Bouchez and Myrtle Potter are upset about the allegations of black mold being found at Galesburg Terrace, the nursing home facility they call home

According to resident Gilbert Bouchez, “The whole wall was covered, the whole length… That’s probably why I’ve been coughing and hacking since April and they can’t seem to get it to stop.” See the full video here.

Myrtle Potter’s respiratory problems began approximately two weeks prior to black mold being discovered in her room. “I just fill up and it seems like it goes down to my neck and my lungs,” she said. According to David Ennis, her son, nursing home staff never removed Myrtle from the room, even after mold was discovered. And, even worse, facility management never notified the Ennis family about the mold discovery. According to News Eight, the only paperwork found on the mold situation at Galesburg Terrace are the seven violations that were issued by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

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