Twenty year-old Christy Myranda Hardin-Simerly faces a charge of simple battery after apparently playing a prank on a nursing home resident

Reportedly, the eighty-three year-old resident of Calhoun Health Care, a nursing home facility in Calhoun, Georgia, was in her wheelchair when Hardin-Simerly spun her around several times after she was instructed to stop. Hardin-Simerly also allegedly put ice down the resident’s back.

According to Public Information Officer Lt. Tony Pyle, “After interviewing everyone involved, it appears this incident started out as a prank. However, once the victim voiced a complaint, the offender was obligated to stop her actions. She (Hardin-Simerly) continued until the physical contact became insulting and of a provoking nature to the victim.”

Nursing home employees need to remember that many nursing home residents are not able to withstand jokes and pranks like their younger caregivers. “Stop” means “Stop!” and “No means No!” Keep that in mind and unfortunate instances like this will not happen.

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